Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Creative Ideas for Halloween Costumes

The issue with the creative ideas for Halloween costumes is that there arrives a peaking point where anybody has it. In case you're imagination of arriving up to a party Gangnam Style, that's mean you're already played out.

Here are 5 underrated creative ideas for Halloween costumes which will get you a good point from the fashion police:

1. Opt for the Gangnam Style, but be that unusual guy in a vinyl neon ulster from the dance battle scene. His dance motions are merely as smooth and you have to get a Bowl Cut at the barber shop.

2. Don't opt for a blind NFL referee since it's already played out. Alternatively, mix and match this good meme then use referee outfit from different games--umpire's slacks, stripe shirt, as well as facemask also ice skates. You are a blackleg referee and you're too unqualified to suit yourself.

3. Put up your shorts on the upper side of your belly button, follow a red neck frown, and begin discussing to empty furniture.

4. Arrange a bag on the upper side of your head then went as a Dodger devotee or an Angel devotee.

5. When you're in dubiety, opt for a ridiculous. Begin combining ridiculous stuffs from the mass-created costume part at Target, Kmart or other chain shops. Go for a gorilla mask mixed with a tutu.